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Hall of Fame
Eric Triplett is being inducted in to the “Green Industry Hall of Fame” on Saturday May 2nd, 2015. Typically accustomed to rocking the pond world, this particular honor has rocked Eric’s world. While we feel this honor is richly deserved, Eric humbly continues to question if he has really contributed enough to the field, frequently [...]
The Pond Digger ROCKS the Heartland – Feb 25th
Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger, will be teaching classes on both pond design and construction at this year’s Water Garden Expo in Shawnee, Oklahoma on February 25th, 2015. Eric has the honor of leading an extraordinary pond build with the help of some of the most talented pond builders in the industry. Triplett will be incorporating pond [...]
The History of Koi Tattoos
Tattoos mean different things to everyone. Some people love them, and some people think anyone with a tattoo is a criminal. In the past, they were viewed as the mark of a dangerous criminal. This is due to their origin. Hundreds of years ago, the Japanese marked their criminals with tattoos on their forearms that [...]

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