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How Koi become Dragons in the Wild
Most people believe the Koi Fish originated in Niigata, Japan, however fossils of koi 20 million years old, found in Southern China may prove otherwise. Originally, Koi came to Japan via Chinese invaders. The fish established a foothold, and the Japanese began farming them for food. About the 1800s, when a farmer noticed a Koi [...]
The World’s Oldest Koi
The oldest koi in the world was reported to be 226 years of age. This is a legend typically heard at koi shows, a place filled with the people that love koi the most, though this fish was reputed to be not the most striking color, and not an amazing show fish. I would venture [...]
Moonlight Pond Tour Illuminates Oct 10 & 11
The Moonlight Pond Tour is this weekend!! Friday & Saturday You don’t want to miss this beautiful weekend! Join us during the first full moon of the month this Friday (5pm-10pm) and Saturday (2pm-10pm) Each site of this self-guided tour is enhanced with nightscape lighting and we will be in the Halloween spirit! We are [...]

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